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CAE Centre is a unique initiatives by Chief Audit Executives for Chief Audit Executives across the industries and experiences!

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Internal Audit professionals can share their experiences and learn from each other here!

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In 2014 CAE Centre started as a WhatsApp group in a humble attempt to bring Chief Audit Executives working with various organizations under one umbrella. At the time of inception main objective was to facilitate sharing of the knowledge between various Chief Audit Executives concerning issues faced by them in discharge of their duties. Over a period of time more and more Chief Audit Executives associated themselves with it and now we are more than 150 Chief Audit Executives of various reputed and well known organizations.


CAE Centre as a collective initiative of Chief Audit Executives intend to serve following main objectives:


  1. Providing platform to Chief Audit Executives without any constraints or restrictions to express their views to the outside world,
  2. Dispensation of Knowledge for the benefit of all in the field of Internal audit and risk management,
  3. Organizing Panel Discussions/ Subject Matter Expert for knowledge enhancement,
  4. Conducting industry specific meeting in a bid to deliberate on the real challenges faced,
  5. Mentoring people in Internal Audit and Risk Management space,
  6. Giving common voice to Chief Audit Executives and Internal Auditors in Industry




CAE centre has organized world class knowledge sharing sessions across all the facets of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit.

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